Marriage Minute Part 1

January 5th, 2024

Starting a new year can be interesting, but sometimes it’s cliche. While we try to use this platform to encourage marriages and strengthen the foundation of our relationships with Christ, we don’t typically recommend/plug people directly. 

That being said, husbands & fathers, if you don’t know who Jon Tyson is, 2024 would be a good year to start. He is a pastor, a man’s man, and has an uncanny ability to speak directly into the hearts/yearning of men. He has been a direct encouragement for me, my marriage, and raising my son (he has some incredible ideas on “forming men” to walk out with sons as they go from adolescence into adulthood- I can’t recommend his book, ‘The Intentional Father’ enough).

That being said, he has a weekly email that he puts out. Husbands, do yourself a favor. Sign up for the email. It’s not campy and it’s not lame. As an Australian who cut his chops in a butcher shop (pardon the pun) as a teenager before moving to the States, his heart for men is huge. 

Wives/ladies, sign up for the email if you want some good insight into your husband’s heart. Emily gets the email along with me and has come to appreciate the extra insight into what goes on in my heart/head that I may not even know on the front end. 

Here’s the link. Enjoy the encouragement