Marriage Minute

Contrary to what we may have heard, the primary focus of God’s work in our lives isn’t our happiness, but our holiness. The relentless pursuit of relationship and sanctification, making us more like His Son is the focus. Many things in life can make us feel happy. However, we believe happiness is a secondary emotion. Happiness is the byproduct of joy or the product of something sought after.

We recently heard on Sunday morning, “Happiness is the evidence of what you are pursuing.” We couldn’t agree more, especially when it comes to our marriages. People can fall into the trap of expecting that their spouse will make them happy. We would also agree that having a relationship with the Lord is our true source of joy/happiness. 

What are you pursuing in your marriage together with your spouse? Is it merely to have an “ok” marriage? Is it a mutual quid pro quo regarding the occasional attempt at making each other have “the feels” and treat the other well? Is it running your schedule each week based on your kids’ activities? (We are proponents of ending child-centered marriages, but that’s for another day).

Pursue Christ together with your spouse. Pursue a relationship with each other that is sacrificial and other-centered. A relationship that asks questions to wonder, be honoring, and encourage. Seek a marriage that reflects Christ with procreation, illustration, and sanctification.